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Let me know how I'm doing. Anon enabled, comments screened.
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Nikola Tesla (153)
Yes, that Nikola Tesla.


IC Contact

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"You missed me, how sad for you. Leave me a message, and if it's interesting, I'll get back to you."
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As he walks down the hall to meet Helen, a strange feeling settles over Nikola. He's...tired.

No, not tired. Exhausted.

That girl that...sniveling, little brat. She's drained all his energy. He hasn't felt as exhausted as this since...

Well, since Oxford. A very, very long time ago indeed.

Still, he straightens his shoulders as he steps into the room, hoping rather than believing that Helen will not see how tired he truly is.
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Nikola was a very patient man vampire. He’d been working on resurrecting his ancestral race for over a century now, and while he would be ecstatic to discover the solution tomorrow (or better yet right this second) he could wait, if necessary.

He had a plan now.

The original idea, of course, came from the Cabal and their…unfortunate experiment with the Project Montana participants. (And Helen’s daughter. That thought gave him pause when he first began, but the idea showed too much promise to set aside over the possibility of upsetting someone, even a friend as old and as close as Helen.)

And it was going to work. In thirty years’ time, he’d have an entire generation of newly manifest vampires poised to take over the world. Businessmen, politicians, world leaders of all sorts, and best of all vampires.

Only, his vision turned out to have been a bit shortsighted. Helen and her tagalong showed up at his facility claiming his vampires had started turning early. Barely pubescent brats with a violent streak and an idea of vampires fueled by mindless entertainment and Tom Cruise. And why did his plan go off the rails?


Of all the things to ruin his master stroke. Death.

“Death would be the last thing that an immortal would think of,” Helen said.

This couldn’t stand, of course. “Nobody hijacks Nikola Tesla.”

And if that weren’t enough, they’d traced their newfound abilities back to him and come to gather up their leader to their proverbial bosom. Only, they didn’t look on him as their leader. No respect at all, though they tried to feign it.

“It’s an honor to welcome the source of our greatness.”

“You’re like our own, personal Obama.”

“What the hell are you playing at?” Stupid, idiotic, moronic…there were not enough adjectives for this.

“This isn’t a game. Okay, we both know that.”

“Don’t read me the rulebook, sonny. I wrote it.”

“What’s your problem? I mean, this was your idea, remember?”

As if. As if this could possibly be his idea. “No. No, no. The spontaneous generation of vampires decades ahead of schedule was not my idea. I had a plan. An intricate, ingenious design, and strange as it may sound, it did not involve you blowing away your friends and taking over.” The gall of them. The unfounded arrogance of the whole situation. “Do you have any idea what you’ve become?”

“Well, that’s why you’re here to fill in the gaps for us.”

“Sanguine Vampiris. The pre-eminent race on the planet. Born for greatness. Bred to rule.” He was monologuing, but he didn’t care. “Kings and Pharaohs. There was a time when we sighed, and the world trembled.”

“We know. We read your journal.”

“Look, let’s cut to the chase. You chose us, not because of who we are but because of who we’ll become.”

“How astute.”

“Our parents have more money than God, and they hold positions of power and influence over this world.”

“And in a few decades’ time, you would have stepped into their shoes, creating a new ruling class, returning to the old ways.” Was it really so difficult to see?

“Well, let’s bring it on! Now! And if anyone stands in our way, they’ll die.”

“Nice. All the subtlety of brain surgery with a chain saw.”

“Why wait? We’re here right now.”

“Oh, and you think that your twenty-four years’ experience has prepped you for ruling the earth.”

“What are you saying?”

“I’m saying you’ll blow it. You’ve turned what was supposed to be a symphony into rock and roll. French Canadian rock and roll.”

“You know, I was hoping you’d be a little more cooperative.”

“Yeah, well, life’s a bitch, and then you don’t die.”

And the little brats had the nerve to advance on him. Like they were going to attack. As if they could actually hurt him.

“Oh, what? We’re gonna do this old school? Is that it? You’re not facing Magnus. This is me.” Claws out, teeth bared. “Bring it on, kiddies.”

And then he fell.

The sports car he landed on would never be the same.

“Oh, I hate them. I hate them.”

Speak of the devils, there they were.

“Okay. Let’s talk. Hm…you know I almost broke a nail.”

There was bondage, of course. Which he should have expected, and wouldn’t have minded under different circumstances.

“Isn’t this what you wanted? The pre-eminent race reborn?”

“On my terms, not yours.”

That would not stand.

But he played along, and they accepted him. And right on schedule, Helen turned up to save the day. (Bondage again, of course. Much better this time around.) Or at least to bring his backup plan, and that was all he needed.

The devamper worked like a charm, and even if he did need a little…assistance from Helen and the wonder twins toward the end (“Unnecessary but appreciated.”) he did get them all.


Every one of them.

Every single vampire in the room, devamped.

And Nikola was left on the floor with that little twerp, on his knees, hands shaking as he held them in front of him. Human hands. Trembling, human hands.

“I…I can’t…I can’t…”

He looked around a moment, unsure what he was seeing. Helen dropped to the floor beside him.


“I can’t…”

Eventually he gathered himself. He would not be pitied.

“Well, I hope you’re all happy now,” he snapped, with little of his usual vigor. “I’m ordinary.”
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Possible spoilers through the end of Sanctuary season 2.

On Nikola's vampirism )

Other abilities )

Personality, historical accuracy, etc. )
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my thread


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Who comes up with these things?
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[ooc: Spoilers for Revelations, pt 2. All dialogue comes from that episode.]

There isn't time to mourn, and Nikola is grateful for that.

Druitt teleports them all back to Helen's Sanctuary where they immediately begin work on the antivirus, not even pausing to clean themselves up, something Nikola doesn't notice until he goes to rub his cheek and finds his hands come away dirtier than when they began.

There is a brief respite in the work when Helen's daughter shows up, fresh from a mission at the Cabal's headquarters, and immediately passes out, but Nikola goes straight back to it, unwilling to pause long enough to let himself think about what happened. Helen goes to take care of her daughter, and Nikola only waves off her excuses as she leaves, intent on finding the antivirus, hoping there will still be some blood left over when they do.

Shortly after she returns, the work halts all together when the vial disappears in a flash of red light that is all too familiar. “Nikola!” she exclaims, and he turns in time to see it go.

Seconds later, her werewolf tech geek shows up on his monitor saying, “Doc. The drive we brought back, it's all fakey ghost data. There's no codes; there's no info; there's nothing we can use. Doc?”

But she's already gone, stalking down the hallway. Nikola knows where she's headed of course. Only one person they know of can get in and out of a lab that quickly.

And Nikola is left behind with a project he can't complete and a grief he can't think about.

Lucky for him, when he leaves the lab, the elevator doesn't take him to the floor his room is on.
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Nikola's house really is rather impressive, an old-world style manor, decorated mostly in a faux-Victorian style. Coming out of Milliways, they actually step into his laboratory. (The door to Milliways has been showing up in his supply closet lately.)

"Don't touch anything," he says when they come through. He's smiling though. The warning is more for not wanting Brian to maim himself than not wanting anything ruined.
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Nikola wastes no time unlocking the door and ushering Ganymede inside with a somewhat lecherous smile.

"Make yourself at home."
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Nikola is having a little celebration. It's nothing big, just a bottle (or two) of wine to start with.

He has both bottles with him as he peruses the kitchen for something suitably celebratory.

[ooc: I'm posting this under the assumption that something would have occurred to allow Nikola to stay at the Sanctuary. If this turns out not to be the case, please regard all threads here as OOC. :)]
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