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Warning: This is not your grandfather's Nikola Tesla. If you're looking for a historically accurate version of this kickass inventor, this is not him. Don't blame me. Blame Damian Kindler and the good folks at Sanctuary.

Nikola Tesla is a genius. No really. He's not the only one who thinks this. He's widely known as "the man who invented radio." (He has also been called, "The man who invented the twentieth century," though this is less widely known.) He stands six and a half feet tall with dark hair and grey eyes.

Contrary to popular belief, Nikola did not die penniless, eccentric, and alone in 1943. That was a favor done for him by a friend. In reality, Nikola is still very much alive and very much not penniless. The eccentric part may, however, be quite true.

You see, besides being pretty much the smartest man he's ever met, Nikola has something else going for him. In the late nineteenth century, he was a part of a group of intellectuals known as The Five. The members were Helen Magnus, John Druitt (better known as Jack the Ripper), Nigel Griffin (better known as the Invisible Man), Sir James Watson (better known as the real-life inspiration for Sherlock Holmes), and Nikola Tesla. The Five got their hands on some pure vampire blood from before the vampires were wiped out and/or sterilized, and each of them was injected with it. For most of them, this caused them to develop certain powers. For Nikola, it awakened a long-lost heritage, and he is now, for all intents and purposes, a vampire.

Nikola's vampirism does not take the form of most traditional, fictional vampires. He points out that the general opinion that, "We're allergic to garlic and can turn into bats at will," is incorrect. There seems to be no way to kill him, in actuality. He is capable of regenerating from extremely severe wounds, though this does occasionally need a considerable amount of time if the wound is especially bad. He is also capable of withstanding massive electric shock, and he can create electricity with a touch (turning on lights by sticking his thumb into the socket, for instance).

When he transforms, his teeth and fingernails elongate and sharpen, his eyes turn black, and his voice moves to a much lower register. He possesses great control over these transformations, but he is on medication to aid him with this. He made a vow when he received his powers not to feed on humans, and he has kept it.

Nikola is charming, but probably a sociopath. He seems to have two moods: cheerful and furious, though he does have a sense of humor about modern misconceptions of vampires, and is not above affecting Dracula's accent for a laugh. He has an air about him of someone from an older time, especially in his manners and dress (he still, on occasion, wears cravats), but his language has evolved with time. He views ordinary humans as beneath him, and thus perfectly acceptable tools, but not much else.

Nikola entered Milliways about twenty years pre-canon (so, somewhere in the middle of the 'eighties), and is now in 2009.

Information on his personality, vampirism, and other abilities can be found here.

Nikola Tesla is from the television series Sanctuary, and is the property of Damian Kindler, Kebet Holdings, Ltd, and other people who are not me. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

Nikola Tesla on Wikipedia

Nikola-mun = [info]skidmo, who may be contacted at skidmo AT livejournal DOT com. Mun and muse are both over 18.
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